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If you have the means to pay Dr. Pitagora’s full fee ($300 individuals, $350 couples/dyads, and triads/multiple partners are +$50 for each additional partner) or more (at your discretion), please know that you are helping to subsidize appointments for those in our communities who are struggling financially, and would benefit from working with a therapist who has their specializations and qualifications. The same policy applies when working with one of the other therapists at our practice, whose full fees range from $150 to $225, in that the surplus amount over their full fee is treated as a subsidy offering. You are welcome to indicate specifically where you’d like your fee surplus redirected; some examples would be to clients who identify as PGM/BIPOC, trans/GNC/non-binary, LGBQ, BDSM/kink, consensually non-monogamous, and current or former sex workers; therapists/healers of color; mutual aid funds serving trans people and/or people of color; and anti-racism activism organizations.

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