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I approach therapy as an active and collaborative process. Through close, reflective listening, I support you to connect with your desires. Together, we untangle social and emotional knots and embrace new possibilities for being, doing, and becoming. Over time, we attend to the roots of struggles to bring about meaningful connections and change.

I work with adults and adolescents in individual and group treatment. I also work with couples and multi-partner relationships. Informed by social, artistic, and political practices in schools, prisons, and community spaces, I am sensitive to dynamics of race, power, and violence. I am committed to anti-oppressive principles and attentive to the connections between what is personally felt and what is collectively shared.

Many of the people I work with come to therapy feeling overwhelmed or stuck in repeating patterns. You may want support navigating the impacts of loss, migration, oppression, or trauma. You may be sitting with questions related to gender, sex, and sexuality. And, you may also wish to explore the parts of your experience that can be difficult to put into words or categories.

Please contact me to ask about my fees and scheduling in-person or remote sessions. We can set up a consultation to talk about any other questions you might have.

Asa Mendelsohn, LMSW, MFA

Asa Mendelsohn, LMSW, MFA



To schedule an appointment or ask questions, please email me directly at

(please do not include personal information in messages).

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