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Thank you for your interest! Please fill out the form below if you are 1) an LMSW in search of supervised hours toward your LCSW; 2) an MSW student seeking a second-year placement; 3) a therapist with another type of license seeking supervision and further training focused on non-mainstream identifications and relationships; 4) a therapist seeking AASECT continuing education or supervision; or 5) the director of a group practice seeking a speaker for your supervision group. You may also fill out this form if you are a 2nd-year MSW student with DBT training interested in working with our DBT Team.

For supervisees seeking a fee-for-service position in my practice for New York State supervision toward licensure, or for MSW student interns seeking a 2nd-year field placement:

Dulcinea Pitagora LCSW PLLC is an equal opportunity employer. PGM/BIPOC; transgender/GNC/non-binary and kinky people; and people with a history of sex work are encouraged to apply. Because my practice specializes in working with the most underserved sexuality and gender populations, is anti-racist, and is committed to dismantling white supremacy, qualifications for those I work with must include a demonstrated passion for social justice, and commitment to working with the PGM/BIPOC, the trans/GNC/NB, LGBQ, BDSM/kink, poly/CNM, and sex work communities.

My practice offers benefits including PTO, a professional development stipend, and 401k matching, and full-time employees also can opt into health insurance reimbursement (ICHRA). There are no non-compete requirements; this means you can work at multiple practices if you want to, and when you leave you take your clients with you (assuming appropriate licensure status). Supervisees of color can choose to work with one (if part-time) or two (if full-time) pro bono clients of color and get paid their full fee (i.e., therapist gets paid by practice, client does not pay). Click here for details on licensed clinician (usually LMSWs) pay structure and benefits.

Fees for licensed independent practitioner supervision (e.g., LCSWs), case consultation, AASECT continuing education (i.e., anyone not working with me in my practice), and/or speaking to groups are: $300 per hour for individuals and groups of 2 to 4 people; $500 per hour for groups of 5 or more (the fee can be split among group members); and early career professionals (in their first three years of practice) are eligible for sliding scale fees (i.e., the highest fee you’re currently getting paid).

Please note:

  • I offer both NYS LMSW and AASECT supervision, and I am SIFI-trained to supervise 1st- or 2nd-year MSW graduate students.

  • I offer case consultation for those not needing signed hours or documentation, but would benefit from my expertise.

  • I am an approved provider of AASECT CEs.

  • I have a ~5-meeting (more or less as needed) course ready to go covering TGNC, LGBQ, BDSM, E/CNM, and sex work communities, and I also offer bespoke courses tailored to cover your specific needs.

  • I am currently only available for drop in AASECT supervision (up to 6 meetings, the maximum number for filling out the Certificate for Supervisory Activity of Short Duration form) and CE appointments (unlimited); for any other type of supervision.

I am interested in (choose all that apply):
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