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  • Licensed clinicians (usually LMSWs) in my practice start out receiving 50% of fees received from clients, and they are in charge of deciding what their fees are (I offer consultation on how to figure this out).

  • On their 1st anniversary they get a raise to 55%.

  • On their 2nd anniversary they get a raise to 60%.

  • On their 3rd anniversary, people usually are close to getting their LCSW and working toward going independent; if they want to stay on after they get their LCSW, we negotiate increases beyond 60% on a case by case basis. (When people leave my practice, they can take all of their clients with them.)

  • If someone gets their LCSW prior to their 3rd anniversary, they get an early raise to 60%.

  • There is no minimum or maximum case load requirements, other than for benefits. For the benefits listed below, full-time is 20+ average client hours per week, and part-time is 10+ average client hours per week.

  • The following benefits kick in after 6 months:

    • Everyone receives 3 weeks of PTO per year, regardless of case load.

    • Full-time people receive an professional development stipend of $1000 annually, and part-time people receive $500 annually.

    • Once a minimum weekly average of 20 paying clients is reached, full-time people can opt into an ICHRA health reimbursement account, with reimbursements up to $1000 per month.

    • Therapists of color receive a form of reparations in the form of paid pro bono, i.e., they are paid their full fee to do pro bono work with clients of color (therapist is paid by the practice, and client does not pay).

      • Full-time people can work with 2 pro bono clients, and part-time people can work with 1 pro bono client.

    • Everyone can opt in to our 401k plan, which is matched percent to percent up to 3% and half a percent to percent from 3 to 5% (maximum match is 4% when you contribute 5%).

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