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Graduate DBT Skills Group (8 weeks)
The Graduate DBT Skills Group is an advanced group for individuals who have completed a cycle of DBT skills training (at any practice).

You are eligible for this group if:

• You’ve attended a DBT skills group for at least 6 months, covering all 4 modules (mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness).

• You’ve gone a minimum of 6 months without engaging in target behaviors (such as self-harm, suicide threats, suicide preparations, suicide attempts, or substance abuse) before joining the group.

• You’ve gone a minimum of 6 months without psychiatric hospitalization before joining the group.

• You’re attending regular, individual therapy.

• You're willing to lead a mindfulness practice for fellow participants.

• You're willing to attend group on a regular basis (missing no more than 2 meetings every 8 weeks).

• You're willing to avoid coming to group under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

• You're willing to practice skills outside of group.

• You're willing to keep information obtained during group (including the names of fellow participants) strictly confidential.

• You're willing to call/email providers ahead of time when you will arrive late or miss a meeting.

• You're willing to avoid private relationships with fellow group members.

• You're willing to pay your bill.

• You’re willing to assist peers in solving life problems.

• You’re willing to bring life problems to peers.


Wednesday evenings, August to October 2023 / led by Lauren Clapp, DBT Therapist and Rebecca-Emma Kaplan, DBT Therapist

Wednesday evenings, November 2023 to January 2024 / led by Rebecca-Emma Kaplan, DBT Therapist and Alayo Bascome, DBT Therapist

Wednesday evenings, February to March 2024 / led by TBD DBT Staff and TBD DBT Staff

Wednesday evenings, April to May 2024 / led by TBD DBT Staff and TBD DBT Staff

Fee: DBT groups have a tiered pricing structure ranging from $10 to $160 per week. Detailed information about the tiered pricing of DBT skills groups offered at our practice is on this page.

Note: If attending via Zoom, we require you to attend from a private space to preserve the confidentiality of fellow group members. Additionally, we ask that you have access to technology that allows you to: (A) see material (e.g., teaching slides, teaching videos, fellow members, etc.) on a screen; (B) listen to facilitators and participants; (C) participate with your camera on; and (D) participate with your microphone on.

Please click here for more information about the providers who make up our DBT Team.

Please click here if you are interested in joining one of the above groups.

Please click here and here to view the DBT Comprehensive and Skills Treatment Agreements,
and here to see the Program Description slides.

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